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Precious metals like Gold and Silver are amongst the oldest and most trusted forms of currency. With Hantec Markets Australia, you can trade these metals as commodities on the MT4 platform in the same way as regular Forex currency trading. Trading metals requires no physical purchase of the commodity. Instead, you simply trade on the real-time price movements of the asset, meaning you have potential to profit whether the market is going up or down.

CodeAverage SpreadLongShortTriple Rollover Date
Precious MetalXAGUSD0.050-1.75-1.25Wednesday
OilUSOil-S0.050Please refer to the trading platform
UKOil-S0.050Please refer to the trading platform

Find out our trading rules:

Account TypePlatinum Account
Minimum lot of orders issued each timeGold: 0.01 lot;
Silver: 0.02 lot;
Oil: 1 lot
Maximum lot of orders issued each time
(include position and limit/stop orders)
Gold: 20 lots;
Silver: 20 lots;
Oil: 200 lots
Contract sizeGold: 1 lot = 100 ounce;
Silver: 1 lot = 2500 ounce;
Oil: 100 barrel
Initial margin (1:100)Gold & Silver: 1% of contract value
Oil: USD200 per lot
Trading hours (AEDT) [1]Gold & Silver:
Summer time:
Monday 09:05 AM - Saturday 07:55 AM

Winter time:
Monday 08:05 AM - Saturday 06:55 AM

1. Trading hours may be adjusted due to holidays. If you need the updated information of trading hours, please contact us.


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