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Trade profitably or
we will refund up to
A$3000 loss during
your 30 day trial.

Setup a live account and start trading in minutes

A trusted trading broker
and popular platform.

We provide access to the MetaTrader4
platform to offer trading that is fast,
user friendly and familiar to investors of
all levels.

Trade forex, indices, commodites, crypto
and more.

Invest across the most lucrative markets the world offers.

From breakthrough technology to steadfast commodities.

Keep more of your earnings with tighter spreads.

Hantec Markets Australia offers some of the best spreads on the market, meaning less broker fees and more profit.


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Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd
Level 18, Citigroup Center
2 Park street Sydney NSW 2000

  • +61 2 8017 8099

The fine print

We even made the small print bigger so you can actually read it!

  • 1. Your refundable 30 calendar days trial period starts from account creation.
  • 2. Your net loss will be counted within the trial period and will be refunded after the period.