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Treating Customers Fairly

We recognise that fair treatment of our customers is about adding value to the services we offer. To ensure that we are continuously providing our customers with a valuable service we aspire to:

  • protect the interests of our customers in all areas of our dealings with them and at each stage of the product lifecycle, from promotion right through to after sales services.
  • meet the needs of each customer by offering a transparent and professional services, and to constantly review our service to identify areas where we can improve it.

Our Commitment to you

  • To provide timely and best execution at all times; To maintain a superior level of system and platform availability;
  • To ensure all staff implement TCF in their daily business activities;
  • To ensure your complaints are assessed fairly and impartially and handled professionally should you ever become unhappy with our service;
  • To encourage staff to recommend improvements to service following customer complaints;
  • To ensure that promotional material is clear, compliant and appropriately targeted ;
  • To provide accurate, complete and timely communications;
  • To ask for and listen to your feedback and place your interests first.


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