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30 years of industry experience

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*Share referral program on Facebook and Instagram in a newsfeed post to over 100 followers.

How it works

For every person you refer to Hantec Markets Australia who deposits at least $500 and meets the minimum trading volume requirements in a one month period, you receive $900.

*Minimum trading requirements are: FX & BULLION ≥ 2lots or
INDICES & OILS ≥ 20lots or CRYPTO ≥ 10lots

Social Bonus

If you have 50+ followers, earn up to $45 if you share a Hantec Markets Australia post on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have 100+ followers, earn up to $90 on your affiliate referral bonus.

10th referral reward

Earn more by increasing your referrals. When you refer 10 or more clients whose deposits amount to 2.5 X your CPA rewards within 30 days, you’ll receive an extra bonus of $2800!

3 Easy steps to get started today

1. Sign up

2. Refer a friend

3. Earn

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