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The results are updated on 31/10/2018


  • Competition Benefits:

100% bonus trading credits *2 (Bonus credits can only be used for trading and cannot margin out.)

The highest amount of bonus for one trading account will not exceed USD$1000.


Margin in

Bonus trading credits

After competition

Withdrawal amount after competition


Example 1



Loss USD$100


Hantec Markets Australia bears half of the loss for the candidate.

Example 2



Profit USD$1000


The principal and profit (except the bonus trading credits) in the account can be withdrawn after the competition.

  • Competition qualification: Candidates must register with their legal names, otherwise they will be disqualified.
  • Competition platform: Candidates need to open a real account with Hantec Markets Australia. The leverage is 1: 200.
  • Competition time: Starting from 18/8/2018 till 18/11/2018, the duration of the competition is three months.
  • Notes to the competition: Trading needs to be conducted through PC MT4, web version of MT4, and mobile terminal MT4 platform. All participants are presumed to be aware of the trading risks, competition rules, selection mechanism, trading rules of platform trading products, etc. such as trading problems caused by force majeure factors and account losses, Hantec Markets Australia will not handle. HMA will not respond to complaints and disputes related to trading problems and account losses caused by irresistible factors.
  • The competition adopts the one-person-one account principle. Individuals participate independently. One identity ID can only register one trading account.
  • All candidates should check their registration email every day after registration to avoid missing out important information and delaying the entry process.
  • Competition ranking: Based on the final rate of return. If the final rate of return is found to be the same, then the person with the larger profit amount is preferred.
  • No money can be withdrawn during the competition.

·         Competition awards:·         The top three candidates will receive a real bonus and the prize will be paid out in the winner's trading account. After the competition is over, you can withdraw the money.

Prize First prize

Second prize

Third prize





Number of Winners




  • The competition ranking will be updated weekly

Basic Rules that Apply to all Hantec Markets Australia Offers

  1. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. All Hantec Markets Australia promotions only apply to Hantec Markets Australia standard accounts unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  3. This promotion will end on 18/11/2018. Any new account opened after this date will not qualify for this promotion. It is at Hantec Markets Australia’s sole discretion to decide if a client's previous activity will qualify for this promotion
  4. HMA will conduct the competition in a fair, just and serious manner to ensure its smooth-sailing and success. HMA, however, does not undertake to guarantee that the safety of funds and rankings in the competition will be free from the influence of irresistible factors or circumstances beyond our control, should they occur and arise during the course of the competition.
  5. This competition is run by Hantec Markets Australia, which has the final power of interpretation.
  6. If this clause is translated into a language other than English, the English version shall prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.